Product - 3-Phase Distribution Transformers

3-Phase Distribution Transformers

United GEC Ltd. assembled, 50hz., 3-phase oil immersed.

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3-Phase Distribution Transformers

 United GEC Ltd. assembled, 50Hz., 3-phase oil immersed, naturally air cooled distribution transformer locally manufactured in Bangladesh according to VDE/DIN/IEC/BS/NEMA standard with 3 HT and 4 LT Porcelain Bushings, arcing horn, transformer tank, radiator, conservator, oil level indicator, plugs for oil filling, sampling and draining, lifting lugs, earthing terminal, wheels, nameplate and with first filling of mineral oil in Transformer as per BS 148.

  • Cast Resin 3-phase Transformers
  • Special/Customized Transformer
  • Power Transformers up to 10MVA at 33kV

Country of Origin :

Raw materials for core :          USA/Nippon Japan
Insulating material                  Wiedmann, Europe
Super enamel wires                 BRB Wires/Gazi Wires
Transformer Oil                       Savita, India/GS,Korea/Hyrax, Malaysia,
Tap Changer                            Capt., Italy